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Gonna Fly Now, Going the Distance, Alone in the Ring1976
Mr. Longbottom Flies, The Chess Game, Hedwig's Theme2001
Mr. Yunioshi, Something for Cat, Moon River1961
Connie's Wedding, The Baptism, Sicilian Pastorale1972
Remember Mama, Jem's Discovery, Boo Who1962
Incident at Isla Nublar/ Dennis Steals the Embryo/ The Raptor Attack1993
Goldstick, Cops See Fogell's ID, Sleeping Bags2007
Valerie, Remember Remember, England Prevails2005
Mambo at the Gym, The Rumble, America1961
The Axiom, 'Define Dancing', Put on Your Sunday Clothes2008
The Nakatomi Plaza, Gruber's Arrival, Attention Police1988
Cyclone, I'm Not a Witch, If I Were King of the Forest1939
Oddjob's Pressing Engagement, The Laser Beam, Dawn Raid on Fort Knox1964
The Black Gate is Closed, Samwise the Brave, The Riders of Rohan2002
Philosophy of Time Travel, Cellar Door, Mad World2001
The Ecstasy of Gold, The Story of a Soldier, The Triple Duel1966
Paper Planes, Latika's Theme, Jai Ho2008
Indy and the Villagers, Short Round's Theme, Fast Streets of Shanghai1984
Passage Through the Planet Core, Duel of Fates, Watto's Deal1999
Jump Program, Welcome to the Real World, Bullet Time1999

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