Presidents by Elimination

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Can you name the U.S. Presidents by process of elimination?

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HintPresidentEliminated Presidents
Born in the state of Hawaii
Attended Harvard Law School
Visited Puerto Rico as a sitting President
Had a last name ending in 'Y'
Buried in Arlington Cemetery
Succeeded by a President Johnson
Succeeded Grover Cleveland
Elected directly from the Senate
Assassinated in office
Saw combat during the Civil War
Served as a Republican in the 1800's
Graduated from West Point
Oversaw Reconstruction
Died younger than 60
Served in the same administration as Nixon
Shot while in office
Was a Methodist
Beat a candidate who won the popular vote
Attained the rank of General
Related to an earlier President
Portrayed on a standard US coin
Portrayed on Mount Rushmore
HintPresidentEliminated Presidents
Was a college professor
Signed the Constitution
Was President during a formally declared war
Was a Democratic-Republican
Elected in a year ending in zero
Had at least seven children
Had John C. Calhoun in his administration
Born a British subject
Ran as a third-party candidate
Won a Nobel Prize
Died in office
Born in a log cabin
Had a state join during his term
Served two full terms
Is still living
Signed a Civil Rights Act
Shared a first name with another President
Had an amendment ratified during his term
Spoke a language other than English
Had an alliterative name
Was a President

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