Harry Potter Thieves

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Can you name the Harry Potter Thieves?

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Remembrall (PS)From Neville
Philosopher's Stone (attempted) (PS)From Gringotts and Hogwarts
Boomslang skin (CS)From Snape
Ford Anglia (CS)From Mr. Weasley
Riddle's Diary (CS)From Harry
Ron's Wand (CS)From Ron (duh)
List of passwords (PA)From Neville
Buckbeak (PA)From Hagrid and certain death
Ron's Wand (PA)From Ron (again)
Harry's Wand (GF)From Harry
Boomslang Skin (GF)From Snape
Gillyweed (GF)From Snape
Harry's Blood (GF)From Harry
Gambling money (GF)From Fred and George among others
Prophecy (attempted) (OP)From Ministry
Black Family Heirlooms (OP and HBP)From Harry Potter (technically)
Several toys (HBP)From Orphans
Slytherin's Ring (HBP)From Morfin Guant
Slytherin's Ring (HBP)From Previous Answer
Slytherin's Locket (HBP)From Hepzibah Smith
Hufflepuff's Cup (HBP)From Hepzibah Smith
Fake Locket (HBP)From Real Locket's Owner
Acromantula venom (HBP)From Aragog's corpse
Slytherin's Locket (DH)From Previous Owner
Slytherin's Locket (DH)From Previous Owner
Slytherin's Locket (DH)...And so on
Slytherin's Locket (DH)...And so on
Hufflepuff's Cup (DH)From Previous Owner
Ravenclaw's Diadem (DH)From Ravenclaw
Elder Wand (DH)From Gregorivich
Elder Wand (DH)From Dumbledore's Tomb
Fake Sword of Gryffindor (attempted) (DH)From Snape
Sword of Gryffindor (DH)From Harry
Blackthorn Wand (DH)From A Snatcher
Malfoy's Wand (DH)From Malfoy
Bellatrix's Wand (DH)From Bellatrix Lestrange
Wormtail's Wand (DH)From Wormtail

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