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Can you name the famous people with first or last names that are also animals?

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Designed St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
Skateboarder with a series of video games.
Famous golfer. THE famous golfer.
Former name of musician Yusef Islam.
African-American actress. 'That's So ______!'
Harper Lee's fictional lawyer.
Sioux chief who fought the United States Army.
Gentle giant from Archie Comics.
Basketball star who played for the Celtics from 1979-92
Actor who starred in the Back to the Future series.
Fictional namesake of black discrimination laws
Title character of a 1950's American sitcom
Main protagonist of the Metal Gear series
Lakota war chief who fought the United States Army
Famous Wild West cowboy and showman
Catholic saint with a breed of dogs named after him
Rapper who acted in Starsky & Hutch
Bespectacled Lord of the Flies character
Inventor of the revolver
Host of CNN's The Situation Room
Deformed character from The Goonies
Draco Malfoy's ill-fated thug
Titular newspaper comic soldier
Former member of 'N Sync
Former Republican Speaker of the House

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