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TV ShowCharacterExit
Facts of LifeMarries and joins spouse in the Peace Corps
Spin CityBecomes an environmental lobbyist and meets Sen. A P Keaton
Valerie (The Hogan Family)Dies in a car accident
Three's CompanyHe and Helen sell the apartment building
CheersStarts a writing career
WingsGoes into Witness Protection
ERMoves to Seattle and later is joined by fiance and twins
MASHPlane crash over the Sea of Japan
MonkMarries Ex-husband and moves to New Jersey
24Killed by a sniper having just talked to his brother
TV ShowCharacterExit
NewsradioDies of a heart attack
Beverly Hills 90210Goes to school at the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts
7th HeavenMarries and eventually divorces Carlos Rivera
NYPD BlueBecomes a bodyguard
SopranosShot by Tony at the farmhouse before turning him in to Johnny Sack.
CSIGets engaged in Costa Rica
AliceBuys a bar in Texas
Andy Griffith ShowBecomes a detective in Raleigh
Happy DaysJoined the army with Ralph

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