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Can you name the Most Evil People in History?

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Title/Born-DiedEvil IncarnateAdditional Info
'Little Boots' Roman Emperor 12 to A.D 41
Ruler of the Hunnic Empire- 406 to 453 AD
Grand Inquisitor of Spain-1420-1498
Leader of the Khmer Rouge- 1928-98
Soviet Union Communist Leader-1878-1953
Prince of Wallachia-1431-76
Queen of England-1515-58
Title/Born-DiedEvil IncarnateAdditional Info
Roman Emperor-AD 37-68
President of Uganda-1925-2003
Chancellor of Germany-1889-1945
Grand Prince of Moscow-1530-84
Conqueror of the Incan Empire-1476-1541
'The Bitch of Buchenwald' 1906-67

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