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This is the result of wanting to be liked and be part of a group (by following social norms).
This is a personality attribute that indicates how people explain to themselves why they experience a particular event.
A type of social influence whereby somebody acts in response to a direct order from a figure with percieved authority and possible threat.
This states that a person is more likely to respond to social influence with strength (importance of influencing group); immediacy (how close it is) and number (how many members).
An aspect of personality: people differ in views about whether the outcomes of their actions are reliant on what they do (internal control) or on events outside their own control).
This is the result of wanting to be right - looking to others for the right answer).
A form of social influence leading to compliance with the tendency for people to adopt the behaviour, attitudes and values of a social majority.
This is a form of social influence where people reject the established norm of the majority of group members and move to the position of the minority.
This occurs when an individual accepts influence because the content of the attitude or behaviour proposed is consistent with their own value system.
When a whole society adopts a new belief or way of behaving which then becomes widely accepted as the 'norm'.
When an individual accepts influence to achieve a favourable reaction from those around them even if they do not really share the same values.
When an individual switches from 'autonomous' state (taking responsibility) to an 'agentic' level (acting as an 'agent' for another person, not acting on their own initiative).

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