Thorpe Park Roller Coasters & Rides

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Ride TypeRoller Coaster/Ride NameDescription
Teacup RideA Teacup ride where riders spin around in different directions
Inverted Steel B&M Roller CoasterThemed around an erupting volcano and is red (dark) and black in colour
KMG Afterburner Flat Ride8 Gondolas rotate in a circle whist they pivot back and forth
RailwayA Railway to view the area of Canada Creek and an opportunity to 'spot bears' for riders
Dingy SlideRiders go in a dingy down a lane (4 lanes each) and it is coloured blue
Circular Express RideA gentle ride where riders (in small pods) move around in a circle
Water Raft RapidsRiders travel in a circular pod over rapids and features to get riders wet
Live Action Horror MazeA live action horror maze themed around the SAW films
'Spinning Rapids' Raft RideThe most recent ride at Thorpe Park, opened in 2011
Giant 'Shoot-the-Chute' Water RideA giant water ride with a drop of 85 ft designed to soak riders
Euro-Fighter Steel Roller CoasterHas a drop of 100ft at a more than vertical angle of 100°
Launched Steel Roller Coaster0-80mph in less than 2 seconds
Mondial Top Scan RideA ride where riders twist and turn and pull up to 5 G's. Coloured blue and near SAW
Ride TypeRoller Coaster/Ride NameDescription
Merry-Go-RoundA Merry-Go-Round for young children
Powered Steel Roller CoasterThe smallest roller coaster but the first one ever to be built at the park
Flying Carpet Style RideA carriage themed around a Flying Carpet pivots up and down
Swinging Boat RideA small boat which rotates back and forth around a pivot; a gentle ride
S&S Power Sky SwatTwo 'pods' rotate around a pivot producing up to 3 G's at a height of 105 ft
Screamin' SwingRiders swing up to 75 ft in the air at an angle of 104°
Vekoma Steel Backwards Roller CoasterA roller coaster which travels backwards and in the dark
Enterprise Spinning RideRiders are not strapped in their pods and they are held in by centripetal force
Steel - Wing CoasterNew for 2012. Re-creates 'flying through a crash scene'
Multi-Looping Steel Roller CoasterThe worlds first roller coaster with 10 inversions
Mega Drop TowerA 100ft drop with a max G-Force of 5.5
Log FlumeTallest Log Flume in the UK

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