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Can you name the largest stadium within 20 miles of this interstate?

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I-25 (Las Cruces, NM to Buffalo, WY)
I-84 (Portland, OR to Echo, UT)
I-17 (Phoenix, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ)
I-5 (Ysidro, CA to Blaine, WA)
I-99 (Bedford, PA to Bellafonte, PA)
I-39 (Normal, IL to Rothschild, WI)
I-95 (Miami, FL to Houlton, ME)
I-69 (Indianapolis, IN to Port Huron, MI)
I-27 (Lubbock, TX to Amarillo, TX)
I-64 (Wentzville, MO to Chesapeake, VA)
I-15 (San Diego, CA to Sweetwater, MT)
I-4 (Tampa, FL to Daytona, FL)
I-81 (Dandridge, TN to Wellseley Island, NY)
I-77 (Columbia, SC to Cleveland, OH)
I-49 (Lafayette, LA to Shreveport, LA)
I-68 (Morgantown, WV to Hancock, MD)
I-57 (Miner, MO to Chicago, IL)
I-20 (Kent, TX to Florence, SC)
I-12 (Baton Rouge, LA to Slidell, LA)
I-75 (Hialeah, FL to Sault Ste. Marie, MI)

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