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Every _____ is sacred
Now is your moment _____ Pewtey
What is the capital of _____
This way my _____
Greetings _____ the enchanter
Look, if we built this giant wooden _____
Them days we were lucky to have the price of a cup of _____
This parrot wouldn't _____ if you put 4 million volts through it!
Why are you dressed as a _____
Nobody expects the _____ _____
Stop that! It's _____
You can tell thats not a real _____, his hair's not right
What floats on water? Very small _____
Start of lineLineWhere its from
You must build us... a _____
A miracle! A miracle! He is the _____
Hands up all those who don't want to be _____ here
It's _____ in heaven
Hold on, you haven't given us time to _____ yet!
Oh come on, it's only _____ thin
Did you find anything? Just this _____ sir
What do you mean? An African or European _____
_____?! What do you want to give him a _____ for?!
I'm Brian and so's my _____
I wasn't picking my _____ I was scratching it
_____! _____! _____! It's only a model
How not to be _____

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