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Can you name the minor characters in these video games?

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'Hey! Look! Listen!'
Donkey Kong CountryHe beat it much faster than you did
HaloHe maintains installation 04
Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskThe beset upon mayor of Clock Town
Jet Force GeminiLeader of the Tribals
Mario Kart 64WRONG WAY
StarcraftLeader of the Garm brood
Half Life 2He has a very slow cart in Ravenholm
Goldeneye 007'I AM INVINCIBLE!'
Starfox 64Told by Bill to guard the base
Banjo KazooieA polar bear who eats too much
Sonic the HedgehogTreasure hunter/government agent
Metal Gear SolidRussian gunman who first faces Snake
Pokemon Red/BlueMaster of the Fighting dojo in Saffron City
Final Fantasy VIIOld man who retired from Shin-Ra to an observatory in Cosmo Canyon
CastlevaniaThe main character's father, who defeated Dracula

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