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This is the most commonly used metal to make materials 'lightsaber-resistant'EU
Boba Fett's ship, the Slave-I, is officially a ______ class gunshipEU
This cluster of black holes contained the installation in which the Death Star was designedEU
Yoda tells Luke that the Force is to be used for '_______ and ________, never for attackFilms
Han's less-than-heroic cousin is...EU
Begin the most misquoted line in the films '________, I am your father.'Films
The YT-2400 piloted by Dash Rendar is known as the...EU
The stormtrooper who was not found at his post, for which a bad transmitter was blamed.Films
Luke's wifeEU
Where princess Leia told Grand Moff Tarkin that the Rebel base was locatedFilms
Question/HintAnswerInformation from the...
The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately...Films
On the bottom of Mace Windu's purple lightsaber can be found this engraving.EU
Complete this line from the Code of the Sith: 'Through victory,...'EU
The X-Wing is designed by this company.EU
The acronym 'TIE' stands for...EU
The Twi'lek dancer who is eaten by a Rancor in Jabba the Hutt's palace was named...EU
This line is delivered in every Star Wars film by some character.Films
This planet was officially designated 'Imperial Center', but was more commonly referred to as...EU
Grand Admiral Thrawn, the non-human who battled by studying the art of a culture, was this species.EU
Han tells Luke that he looks strong enough to pull ears off a...Films

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