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DescriptionFamilyDisease causing virus
Ambisense -ssRNA, helix, enveloped, 3 segments
dsDNA, icosahedral, enveloped, nonsegmented
+ssRNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, star
+ssRNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, small RNA
+ssRNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented
-ssRNA, helix, enveloped, 7-8 segments, pleomorphic
ssDNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, small
dsDNA, complex, enveloped/naked, nonsegmented
+ssRNA, icosahedral, enveloped, nonsegmented
+ssRNA, helix/icosahedral, enveloped, nonsegmented, reverse transcriptase
-ssRNA, helix, enveloped, nonsegmented, spherical, filamentous, or pleomorphic
+ssRNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, cup shaped
DescriptionFamilyDisease causing virus
-ssRNA, helix, enveloped, nonsegmented, filamentous
+ssRNA, icosahedral, enveloped, nonsegmented, two mRNAs
-ssRNA, helix, enveloped, nonsegmented, bullet-shaped
Ambisense -ssRNA, helix, enveloped, 2 segments, ribosomes
dsRNA, icosahedral, naked, 10-12 segments
dsDNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, circular genome
+ssRNA, helix, enveloped, nonsegmented, 5' cap and poly A tail
-ssDNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, circular genome
-ssRNA, helix, enveloped, nonsegmented, replicates in nucleus
dsDNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, circular genome, ambisense
partially dsDNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented, reverse transcriptase
dsDNA, icosahedral, naked, nonsegmented

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