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Type of spell/charmIncantationResulting Effect
CurseDamages opponents eyesight
SpellUnsticks an object
SpellAllows the caster to delve into the victims mind
SpellReleases user from binding
CurseControls a person- (unforgivable)
CurseTortures opponent- (unforgivable)
SpellResult when brother wands duel
SpellCounters stupefy
SpellForces opponent to dance
SpellReturns items to orginal size. Counters Engorgio
CharmCreates a Patronus
CharmMakes an object fly
SpellStops any current spells
SpellRepairs things
CharmCauses spells to reflect back to the sender
SpellCounters 'Prior Incanto'
CharmTurns small objects into birds
SpellOpens 'One eyed Witch' hump
CharmWand acts like a compass
CharmTickles opponent
CharmRenders target immobile
SpellReveals a wands last spell/curse
CharmSummons an Object
SpellStarts a fire
SpellEnlarges Teeth
SpellAmplifies voice
CharmDisarms your opponent
Type of spell/charmIncantationResulting Effect
SpellCounter spell for Sonurs
SpellProduces a snake
CharmMakes an object repel water
CharmOpens locked objects such as dfoors and windows
SpellConjures a bunch of flowers
SpellLaunches birds from your wand
CharmEnlarges an item
CharmSlows an advancing object
CharmLockharts Werewolf 'cure'
SpellUse this and laugh to defeat a boggart
SpellCreates bandages
SpellMoves unconscious bodies
CharmHides a secret in someone
CharmMoves objects with wand
SpellSplits seams
CharmUsed to confuse opponent
CharmErases memories
CharmDestroy ectoplasm(remains of ghosts)
SpellKnocks out opponent
SpellCounter to lumos
CurseLocks oppenents legs
SpellCreates light at wand tip
CurseMurders opponent- (unforgivable)
SpellConjures the dark mark
JinxKnocks an object backwards
CurseProduces boils on opponent
Spell Blasts solid objects aside
SpellReveals invisible ink

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