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When is his birthday?
How old is he?(As of 3/2/11)
Which celeb. discovered him on Youtube?
What is his song that has the most views on Youtube?
What is his middle name?
Where was he born?
What is the name of his movie?
True or False: Justin is a Christian,
Who did he play on CSI?
Full Name(First Middle Last)
True or False: He is friends with a singing/rapping star. It is Eminem
What song did he sing for President Barack and Michelle Obama on December 20, 2009?
Who sang with him in Eenie Meenie?
What year was he born?
He is friends with Wizard_____ _____.
Is his movie in 3-D?
His video is the most viewed and most ___ liked on YouTube.
Did Eminem write songs for Justin Bieber's next album?
British Singer ____ ____ is writing songs for Bieber's next album.

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