Country Adjectives by Letter Change

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Can you name the country adjectives from their letter change clues?

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Letter changeCountry adjective
-Le +Ba
-es +ois
-um +an
-land +nish
-i +ish
-s +tian
-e +a, -mark +ish
-ce +k
-en +ish
-s +n
-us +an
-e +ian
-eland +ish
-as +ian
Letter changeCountry adjective
-aco +égasque
-ey +ish
-es +ian
-al +uese
-d +l, -car +y
-a +e, -e +h
-us +iot
-on +ese
-tzerland +ss
-que +can
-o +in
-and +ish
-ay +egian

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