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...that has main evented Wrestlemania and Starrcade [5]
...has entered first AND last in a Royal Rumble [6]
...has a one word name and has held the Hardcore title [16]
...has defeated Vince McMahon in a singles match [10]
...has held the ECW and WWE Heavyweight titles [5]
...have wrestled in 3 decades of Wrestlemanias [10]
...have won a Tag Team title with Kane [8]
...has won a WCW or WWF/E Heavyweight title and been managed by Bobby Heenan [7]
...has won the Women's and Hardcore or Cruiserweight title [3]
has defeated Goldberg in a singles match and isn't Kevin Nash [5]
...has been a regular tag team partner of Haku [7]
...has won a King of the Ring, Royal Rumble and Heavyweight Title [6]
...has won an Iron Man Match and isn't Shawn Michaels [10]
...has won TNA's Triple Crown [6]
...has won both WWE Women's and TNA Knockout titles [3]
....who lost in the opening round of the Wrestlemania 4 tournament [5]
...has held the WCW TV title and never wrestled in WWF/E that isn't Sting [18]
...has been in a War Games and Elimination Chamber match [3]
...who failed to body slam Yokozuna on the USS Intrepid [8]
...has dated CM Punk [9]

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