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Old man wakes up after 15 years, kidnaps and murders older man
Work-weary Italian man goes on shooting spree, kills employer
Flying rodent apparently sacrifices life to pop boils of space lizard
King deflowers innocent young girl
Businessman is revealed to be a scam artist painter by inquisitive customer
Forbidden basketball technique defeats evil doppelganger
Slowly-asphyxiating adventurer disrupts planet's delicate ecosystem
Elderly woman buried alive; heroes relax on beach after a job well-done
Sarcastic animals kick around old woman's skull
Photographer throws apples at flying cat-like creature
Remains of giant spider steal heroine's clothes
Ancient evil unleashed for the sake of acquiring stale food
Chronological mixup results in inadvertent Medieval amphibian-human marriage
Monkey enters crocodile's shoe
Boy re-handicaps sickly brother
Monkey races pig for liberation of island
Mutated conman stabbed by little girls
Man knocks father off building, proposes to girlfriend
Homicidal man blows up ex-girlfriend's helicopter
Demigod merges with dragon, shoots dead friend, then teaches him the power of friendship
Tentacled monster is killed by young boy on orders of travelling salesman
Boy bids hat friend farewell
Man uses rocket technology to barge in on family taking bath
Popular movie star fears assassination, deeply scratches own face
Religious leader hunted down and assassinated by impaling
Just credits...unless player wins using the power of music
Vegetable woman dies after eating the wrong thing
Known animal fighter/gambler wins coveted title, respect of scientist mentor
Weasel shoots chipmunk, thus teaching prosperous boyfriend important life lesson
Galactic heroine shoots cerebrum, attempts genocide
Colorblind man stabs old woman, enjoys coffee with rival

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