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Plumber who saves a princess
FIghts the Covenant
Las Vegas' strip ruler in Fallout New Vegas
Defends Earth from The Locust Horde
Deadly Italian assassin during the Renaissance
New Austin's former outlaw turned rancher
Nickname of Call of Duty 4's main character
Liberty City's Serbian immigrant
Scared of ghosts, and loves cherries
Dangerous and stealthy secret agent with an eye patch
Hylian swordsman who wears lots of green
Emperor of Tamriel
Grove Street's dedliest member
Protagonist of the FPS that puts you against The Combine
Darth Vader's apprentice
The nemesis of Doctor Neo Cortex
Very fast critter looking for gold rings
Extremely deadly soldier who kills Ares
Clank's Lombax partner
Call of Duty's brainwashed protagonist

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