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Can you name the can you name the answers to these questions for the PLS 223 exam?

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can you name who occupies the following 2011PLS 223 practice exam
us representative from pikeville
Prime minister of Canada
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
sec of veteran affairs
sec of treasury
sec of education
lt. govenor of ky
sec of defense
sec of health and human resources
mayor of pikeville
surgeon general
dean of students at Upike
director of the FBI
sec of transportation
Registrar of Upike
director of the CIA
Speaker of the house
Prime Minister of Great Britain
general sec. of the UN
Vice President of the USA
Dean of Upike
can you name who occupies the following 2011PLS 223 practice exam
minority leader of the US senate
President Protempore of the USA
sec of interior
governor of ky
both US senators from KY
sec of energy
Senator elect in KY
majority leader of the US senate
sec of labor
president of Upike
chairman of the federal reserves board
director of homeland security
pike county judge exectutive
President of the USA
PLS 223 instructor
Sec of Agriculture
attorney general
sec of housing and urban development
sec of state
Sec of commerce
chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

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