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Plot TwistMissing Word(s)Book
Harry Potter is a ______1
The teacher trying to steal the Philosopher's Stone is _______1
Snape hates Harry because of ______1
Argus Filch is a _______2
_____ was framed for opening the chamber2
Gilderoy Lockhart is a ______2
The student opening the Chamber of Secrets was ______2
The heir of Slytherin is ______2
Sirius Black is Harry's ______3
The Marauder's Map was created by ______3
Scabbers is ______3
_______ was framed for murder3
Hermione attended all of her lessons by using a ______3
Remus Lupin is a ______3
The Patronus across the lake was cast by ______3
Hagrid is a ______4
Professor Moody is _______4
Ludo Bagman was accused of being a _______4
Rita Skeeter is an _______4
The dementors were sent by _______5
Plot TwistMissing Word(s)Book
Hagrid has a _______5
Neither can live while the other ______5
The prophecy was made by _______5
The prophecy may also have been about _______5
Draco's mission is to _______6
Voldemort survived because he created _______6
_______ applied for the DADA job and cursed it6
_______ kills _______6
The Half-Blood Prince is _______6
The locket in the cave is a ______6
R.A.B is _______7
The resurrection stone is inside _______7
The Elder wand was owned by _______7
The invisibility cloak is owned by _______7
The person with the other mirror was _______7
Snape loved _______7
Harry Potter is a ______7
The master of the Deathly Hallows is _______7
Ron loves _______7
______ becomes a Hogwarts professor7

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