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Can you name the Final Fantasy characters who say these quotes??

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'No-one touches my princess!'FF1
'You spoony bard!'FF4
'I've betrayed no-one....I've simply come to my senses'FF4
'I can't seem to remember anything'FF5
'The reaper is always one step behind me'FF6
'Thou art so...odd'FF6
'I'm nothing more than a stupid octopus!'FF6
'Beacause you are...a puppet'FF7
'Don't step on the flowers'FF7
'This guy are sick'FF7
'Then go talk to a wall'FF8
'My leg's cramping up!'FF8
'Ooo, soft'FF9
'This rock edible, maybe I taste it'FF9
'I commend your courage, but I shall show you no mercy'FF9
'This is your story'FF10
'Pitiful mortals...your hope ends here!'FF10
'You're gonna cry, you always cry'FF10
'It's not easy being this popular, you know'FF12
'Fight, and serve those that died before you!'FF12
'Even caged birds need wings'FF12

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