His and Her Words

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Can you name the words that contain either 'his' or 'her' within them?

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The past events in a period of time.
Any plant used for seasoning.
Overdramatic, or pertaining to actors/acting.
The sound an agitated cat makes.
Someone who doesn't conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.
A group of cattle.
Question starter regarding location.
A tool used to shape wood or stone.
Sundae topper.
To speak very quietly.
A prickly plant with purple flowers.
A frozen, fruity dessert (U.S.), or a fizzy, powder sweet (U.K.)
Stick to.
A kitchen utensil, or a quick, light brushing movement.
One who seeks to achieve nirvana.
Kills herself upon discovering Pyramus dead.
One or the other.
One with the other.
Exaggerated display of masculinity.

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