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Gave up World Series winning home run to Bill Mazeroski in 1960
Gave up home run number 715
Hit the ball that Bill Buckner let through his legs
Scored the winning run of the 1992 NLCS
Hit the ball that Willie Mays caught on Game one of the 1954 World Series
Commissioner that banned Pete Rose for life
Gave up hit number 4192 to Pete Rose
Made last out of Don Larsen's Perfect Game
Hit the Bartman Ball
Gave up the Shot Heard Round the World
Caught Mark Buehrle's Perfect Game
Made the only unassisted triple play in World Series history
Gave up Babe Ruth's called Shot
Gave up Game ending home run to Carlton Fisk in game 6 of the 1975 world series
Gave up Joe carter's walk off home run in the 1993 World Series

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