ThunderCats 1985 versus ThunderCats 2011

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Can you name the correct version of ThunderCats (1985 or 2011)?

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Lynx-O is a general in Claudus' army.
Lion-O's catchphrase is 'Whiskers!'
Komi, Cask, and Sarrow are some of Slythe's lizards.
Lion-O is a lion cub trapped in an adult lion's body.
Slythe works with the mutants Monkian, Jackalman, and Vultureman.
Jaga dies of old age.
Slythe is from the planet Plun-Darr.
Panthro has mutton chops.
Tygra is Lion-O's adopted older brother.
Claudus is killed by Mumm-Ra.
Snarf can talk.
Jaga and the other clerics shared Cheetara's super speed.
WilyKit and WilyKat ride on 'space boards'.
Lion-O arrives on Third Earth by riding on a spaceship.
Grune used to be Panthro's best friend.
The ThunderCats are from the planet Thundera.
Mumm-Ra has a bulldog named Ma-Mutt.
Thunderans have long believed technology to be a myth.
The ThunderCats return to New Thundera.
Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living has wings.

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