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This Reptilian led the mutants in battle against the ThunderCats.ThunderCats
This Locust military leader can control the Kryll.Gears of War
This character lives in Future-Roma and can perform wedding ceremonies.Futurama
This butcher of the sands is the wayward brother of Nasus.League of Legends
This villain leads the SharpClaw tribe in his attack on Sauria.Star Fox Adventures
This alligator likes to escape from the zoo and give Mr. Twiddle a hard time.Hanna-Barbera
This team of extreme dinosaurs must stop velociraptors from causing global warming. Name any member.Dino Vengers
This fighter lost his soul to Soul Edge.Soulcalibur
This Raptor promised his loyalty to Shao Kahn.Mortal Kombat
This villain suffers from a form of regressive atavism.Batman
This Kremling ruler loves to steal bananas.Donkey Kong
This real person has reptile-like body modification and performs in freakshows.Real Life
This deity played an important role in the creation of mankind.Aztec Religion
This Pteranodon villain acts as an energy vampire in the Savage Land.X-Men
This hero on a half-shell parties with his nunchakus.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This villain just wanted to grow his arm back.Spider-Man
This ruler of Snake Men created Snake Mountain and tried to conquer Eternia.Masters of the Universe
This Lizardfolk merchant takes a sinister turn.Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
This Egyptian god has the head of a crocodile and is the patron of fertility and the army.Egyptian Religion
This fire-breathing tyrant steals princesses from a plumber.Mario

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