Famous Primates - Monkey, Ape, or Neither?

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Can you name the famous primate by guessing whether it is a monkey, ape, or neither?

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NameMonkey (m), Ape (a), or Neither (n)Source
ApeGeorge of the Jungle
Magilla GorillaHanna-Barbera
King JulianMadagascar
Dr. ZaiusPlanet of the Apes
King KongKing Kong
Donkey KongDonkey Kong Country
RafikiThe Lion King
Mighty Joe YoungMighty Joe Young
I. R. BaboonI Am Weasel
King LouieThe Jungle Book
NameMonkey (m), Ape (a), or Neither (n)Source
MomoAvatar: The Last Airbender
LazloCamp Lazlo
UkikiSuper Mario 64
DarwinThe Wild Thornberrys
DunstonDunston Checks In
Mojo JojoThe Powerpuff Girls
OzymandiasHis Dark Materials
Chim-ChimSpeed Racer
GleekSuper Friends
WukongLeague of Legends
James BondGoldfinger

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