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The house of god has failed.Live Undead
Here in 1994, things are different than beforeDivine Intervention
I am the wall you can never climb, I am the pain that you feel inside.God Hates Us All
Screams, from a life I live. Torment is what I give.Show No Mercy
________________, you're no different from the rest.God Hates Us All
To accentuate your desperation. Flesh from bone I'll rip and tear, I hate the fact that we breath the same air.Christ Illusion
Riddled convulsions, confetti of flesh, scattered helplessly.Seasons In The Abyss
Torture, misery, endless suffering.World Painted Blood
The world slowly decays, destruction fills my eyes.Seasons In The Abyss
Terrified by the thought that you are all aloneParalyzed by the fact that you are all alone.Diabolus In Musica
Fighting the curse, break it I must, laughing in sorrow, crying in lust.Show No Mercy
You better learn my name, cause I'm the one insane.Diabolus In Musica
The human race is to be crystallized.Show No Mercy
Life stands still now you're standing in my ______ ______.Divine Intervention
Mindless tyranny, forgotten victims, children slaughtered in vain.Show No Mercy
Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die.Seasons In The Abyss
Memories can't ignore, anguish of before. Satisfy the scorn...South Of Heaven
Holy cross embedded in your tomb. Casualities are buried through your mind.Diabolus In Musica
To rot and lie stinking in the earth.South Of Heaven
Blind my eyes, I cannot see, what is being done to meDivine Intervention
Like a disease, spreading death. erasing your existenceWorld Painted Blood
can't control the rage that flows from me.God Hates Us All
4000 ways to die.Reign In Blood
Play with your insanity, shatter your reality, pulsing in your blood.Seasons In The Abyss
Master of the blackened arts, living his decree.Hell Awaits
Promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers.South Of Heaven
Initiate blood purge...Diabolus In Musica
Embryonic death, embedded in your brain.South Of Heaven
He'll have you down on your knees, you play his fatal game.Reign In Blood
A passion grows to feast upon, the frozen blood inside her.Hell Awaits
Drink the tainted blood, from the only child.World Painted Blood
Staring at your lifeless body, I saw you f*cking die...Christ Illusion
Artificial peace...Live Undead
Stalking the night can't you feel I'm near, watching each step that you take. I take lives and _____________________ tonight.Show No Mercy
A cannibal's desire feeds the firet hat burns in your head.South Of Heaven
Pestilence is here, death awaits, your body is not of Christ, it's my alter.World Painted Blood
Running from shadows, blinded by fearShow No Mercy
You cannot hide the face of death, oppression ruled by bloodshed.Seasons In The Abyss
Lying all alone, visions of erotic bliss.Diabolus In Musica
It's all about the motherf*cking oil, regardless of the flag upon it's soil.World Painted Blood
Prepare for attack, your body will burn. Endless war, there's no return.Show No Mercy
Ripping apart, Severing flesh, gouging eyes, tearing limb from limbReign In Blood
Death loves final embrace, your cool tenderness. Memories keep love alive, memories will never die.Divine Intervention
Washed away with crimson tide, by my hand I keep testing time.Divine Intervention
....but you won't kill me, suicidal surge, desensitize the world.Diabolus In Musica
Make it fast, your time of sorrow, on his trail, I'll make you follow.Reign In Blood
I'll show you what I've known all this time.God Hates Us All
Don't cross my path, or I'll see you burn.Diabolus In Musica
I'll kill you and your dreams tonight...God Hates Us All
Unrest, marshal law, society decays...World Painted Blood
Treachery, misery, violence, insanity...Divine Intervention
I live it every day, don't know another way.Christ Illusion
War of holy principles, I'm seeking God's help in your destruction.Christ Illusion
Religion is hate, religion is fear, religion is war. Religion is rape, religion's obscene, religion's a ****.Christ Illusion
Some have called me Satan's son...Seasons In The Abyss
Coils of the serpent unwind...Seasons In The Abyss
Death is overdue, nothing can save you. A morbid symphony, hearing you lie there screamingGod Hates Us All
Evil, my words defy. Evil, has no disquise.Show No Mercy
In fire baptized, all pain sifts through my soul.Diabolus In Musica
Infernal slaves of manipulation, captive of my vice.Live Undead
Addicted to your blood...Hell Awaits
Dance with the dead in my dreams...Seasons In The Abyss
You make me want to slit my own f*cking throat.God Hates Us All
I was born to be the thorn in your side.God Hates Us All
Machine gun fire, blood level higher.Show No Mercy
Death will come easy just close your eyes...Reign In Blood
You'll never touch God's hand, you'll never taste God's breath.Christ Illusion
Sadistic minds. Delay the death. Of twisted life. Malicious world.Hell Awaits
Conscience a word I learned to forget.South Of Heaven
The gates of pearl have turned to gold.Reign In Blood
The sky is turning red...Reign In Blood
You see me lift the axe, as it plunges through your shield.Show No Mercy
I keep the bible in a pool of blood...God Hates Us All
Actions of hostility, breeds conformity.Christ Illusion
No blood no glory, all pain and fury.Diabolus In Musica
Visions of decapitation, my mental masturbation. I try to resurrect your consciousness, your intellect.Christ Illusion
Hunting, fighting, killing ****, wade through blood and bleed some more.Divine Intervention
Frozen in time is the ice flowing in your veins, are you insane?World Painted Blood
Everyday I look into the mirror, staring back I look less familiar.God Hates Us All
Step in a life that's yet to be born.South Of Heaven
Perpetual demise, on a fast decline. Killing tendency, ________, permanent disease.Reign In Blood
Penetration of the window to your soul...Divine Intervention
Ignore the writing on the wall, you should read between the lies.South Of Heaven
What are your final thoughts? Do you want to kill me or die in shame?World Painted Blood
My scars insane, my life profane. I deny, defy, and spread a little ________________World Painted Blood
These apocalyptic predators must dieWorld Painted Blood
I'm the one to taste your death, basking in your dying breath, messenger of all demise...Diabolus In Musica
Angels fighting aimlessly, still dying by the sword.Hell Awaits
I take you, I play you, invade you.Diabolus In Musica
Modulistic terror, a vast sadistic feast.Reign In Blood
Death means nothing there is no end...Reign In Blood
Wanting to die is your reason to live.Reign In Blood
______ __ ______, secrets never keep. Living in a lie, right before your eyes.Divine Intervention
Innocence, drop dead suicidal, a pain that I posses.World Painted Blood
Indication of triumph, the number that are dead.Seasons In The Abyss
Soaked in blood the mask you wear. Haunting cries the dead scream for meGod Hates Us All
It all starts now when you pull the f*ckin' pin.Christ Illusion
We're only living to die.Hell Awaits
Got to make it stop, can't take it any more. They're all dead, keep haunting me, they just keep coming back for more!Christ Illusion
...Caught in a crossfire...Seasons In The Abyss
Count the bullet holes in your head.South Of Heaven
You're nothing, an object of animation, a subjective mannequin, beaten into submission, raping again and again.Divine Intervention
No apparent motive, just _____________Hell Awaits
No one hears you, you're society's infection.God Hates Us All

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