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Slamming through, don't f*** with razorback
Chase the rabbit, fetch the stick.
Deep inside you know, seeds I plant will grow.
Doesn't matter what you see, or into it what you read
Submit Infectiously
Bullets are flying, people are dying.
Drink up, shoot in, let the beatings begin.
And I need my anger not to control.
Old habits reappear, fighting the fear of fear.
Trust you gave, a child you save.
They scratch me, they scrape me, they cut and rape me.
Living your life as me I am you you see.
Leather and metal are our uniforms.
Keep searching, keep on searching.
Come lay beside me, this wont hurt I swear.
Live to win, dare to fail, eat dirt, bite the nail.
Blood for face, sweat for dirt, three X's for the stone.
No compromise, my heart wont pump the other way.
Suspicion is your name.
The light that is not light is here.
Marvel at tricks, need your sunday fix.
Pain monopoly, ritual misery.
You're my cover, my shelter.
Born to push you around, better just stay down.
The concrete angel will ride down.
Less I have the more I gain, off the beaten path i reign.
Out from ruins once possesed, fallen city living death.
The ultimate in vanity, exploiting their supremacy.
Truth and dare, peeling back the skin.
Slipping fast, down with the ship, fading in the shadows.
I'm the one that doesnt look quite right when children play.
Like a release from prison I didn't know I was in.
Darkness imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror.
No confetti, No parade.
Not only do I not know the answer, I dont even know what the question is.
Heavy rings hold cigarettes.
He doesn't want the attention you give.
Missing one inside of me.
I drink from the cup of denail.
I do your time, I take your fall, I'm branded guilty, for us all.
Dream the same thing every night, see the freedom in my sight.
The hot winds of death.
See they try to bring the hammer down.
Darkest color, blistered earth, true death of life.
I rule the midnight air.
And I cry, to the alleyway.
And I shake as I take the sin, let the show begin.
Its just the beasts under your bed, in the closet in your head.
Nitro junkie paint me dead.
You can't stop this train from rolling.
You point your finger but theres no one around.
Clipped my wings before I learnt to fly.
I am the beast that feeds the feast.
Shoplift a thought or two.
Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be.
The more I bless the more I bleed.
Dont try running away, you're the one we will find.
They dedicate their lives, to running all of his.
Hungry violence seeker, feeding off the weaker.
This is the flood that drains these eyes.
Tossing body mannequin.
You just stood there screaming.
Time, choke the clock, steal another day.
A sinner once, a sinner twice, no need for confessions now.
I never opened myself this way, life is ours, we live it our way.
You cut some root, to make the tree survive.
I will only let you breathe, my air that you receive.
My fingers grip with fear, what am I doing here?
Good day to be alive, he said.
Life planned out before my birth, nothing could I say.

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