Fictional Israelis and Jewish People

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Strongest member of the Fantastic FourComics
Wears an orange coat and a green hatTelevision
Sister of RossTelevision
Rory ReganComics
Friend of Mary Tyler Moore who had a spinoffTelevision
Greatest enemy of the X-MenComics
Former general store owner from Sesame StreetTelevision
Cowboy friend of HawkeyeComics
Kitty Pryde of the X-MenComics
Shakespearean moneylenderLiterature
Recurring ally of the X-Men (Israel)Comics
Jon Lovitz's answer to Santa ClausTelevision
Friend of Grandpa SimpsonTelevision
One of the four main characters of the OCTelevision
Complains about Ms. Frizzle's field tripsLiterature and Television
Son of Professor X (Israel)Comics
Brother of MonicaTelevision
Springfield's favorite celebrity comedianTelevision
Member of the Global Guardians (Israel)Comics
Ben Stiller meets his parents-in-lawMovies
Ukrainian milkman who believed in traditionBroadway
Friend of Titania and former love interest of Molecule ManComics
Marvel's answer to BatmanComics
The Griffins' panicky neighborTelevision
Ally of the Hulk with green hairComics
Ally of Oliver Twist and the Artful DodgerLiterature
Gigantic member of the Legion of Super-HeroesComics
Half-Jewish leader of the RugratsTelevision
Professor Farnsworth's physicianTelevision

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