Fictional Arabs and Moslems

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Can you name the Fictional Arabs and Moslems?

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Love interest of AladdinFolklore and Movies
Encountered forty thievesFolklore
Sailed the Seven Seas in search of adventureFolklore
Finds a magic lampFolklore and Movies
Archenemy of AladdinFolklore and Movies
Robin Williams voiced this blue Disney favoriteFolklore and Movies
Saudi Arabian participant from Contest of ChampionsComics
Archenemy of Batman from Saudi ArabiaComics
Street Fighter's Arabic princessVideo Games
Two twins touch rings to summon this genie heroTelevision
Five superpowered defenders of BaghdadTelevision
Member of the Justice League Elite from Saudi ArabiaComics
X-Men member from AfghanistanComics
Fictional Lovecraft Mad ArabFolklore and Literature

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