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What colour was the cresent on this flag?Ottoman Tripolitania (1551-1911)
What type of tree was depicted in Green on this flag?Tripolitanian Republic (1918-1923)
Left to Right, what are the colours on the Italian Flag? (Not including the crest)Kingdom of Italy (1934-1943)
Which modern day country's flag does this flag most resembleEmirate of Cyrenaica (1944-1950)
What colour is the Cresent and Star in the centre of this flag?Kingdom of Libya (1951-1969)
Name one country that has a flag of the same origins as this one1969-1972
Which two countries was Libya merged with at this time?Federation of Arab Republics (1972-1977)
How many different colours featured in this flag?Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (1977-2011)
This is the flag of which part of the history of Libya (as in the Right hand column)National Transitional Council (2011- )

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