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Forced Order
Also try: Hero By Villain
The Red Planet
Famous Baseball Player
2 Female Pronouns
Smart People
2 Antonyms
Worth Lots of Money
Your making the noise when you eat this
Once a classic book, now candy!
2 of the same letter
The Galaxy
Laughing in a rude manner
Look at the rainbow!
Star that has exploded
Happy Nut
Burial ____ - Native Americans did this
This candy has a white strip of paper when you open the upside-down cone
Milk + Singular form is something that does not explode
Split and Crunch!
Peanut Chocolate Bar
Crunchy Chocolate Bar
Peanut Butter or Chocolate? How about both!
It's like breakfast but it's a snack
Short timeout
Do this to get to know someone
Happy farmer for a specific animal/crop
It's when you make your money
Twisted Licorice
Suck, Suck, Suck, Don't Bite!
Hopefully your head won't become a fruit when you bite it
Shake until shrunk
Without these your life will not be saved
Coke + ____ = WOW!
Your darling in a roll
I've ate a million of these sugar things yet I'm still not smart
Sadly it does not grow in a maze
The Taffy that is hilarious
______ Tarts
It's bean yet it's not liquid like jelly
Small round mark
This dip soooo Entertaining
The Pink Fluff that melts in your mouth
Red White candy shaped like a cane
A fairy's stick of sugar
Smaller than normal
Shopping ______
This time the bear is not honey
You wouldn't eat a worm unless it were this

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