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Blanche’s initials spell this word
Dorothy’s former husband is named
Blanche’s late husband’s name was
Rose was tested for this medical condition several years after receiving a blood transfusion
Dorothy was born in this NYC borough
Sophia’s late husband was named
Blanche’s sister needed a donation of this organ
The ladies went to California to appear on this game show
Rose’s late husband was named
Name one of the Golden Girl spinoffs
In real-life, this actress was the youngest of the four Golden Girls
What was the name of Dorothy’s transvestite brother (Sophia’s son):
Blanche (and most other people) called her father
How many years were Dorothy and Stan married
Blanche lures men to the house by advertising this item for sale
What does Rose inherit from her Uncle Hingeblotter in the episode “Bringing Up Baby”
Dorothy was rejected after auditioning to be a contestant on this game-show
This is Blanche’s favorite social spot for meeting men
Each GG was born in the US except for this one
This is the dreaded nursing home where Sophia once lived

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