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A terrifically original, eccentric screwball comedy, (name of movie) may not be the Coens' most disciplined movie, but it's one of their most purely entertaining
John Travolta and Nicolas Cage play cat-and-mouse (and literally play each other) against a beautifully stylized backdrop of typically elegant, over-the-top John Woo violence
With fine performances and a dark, dry sense of humor, (name of movie) is mostly cloudy with occasional rays of sunshine
Stunning and compelling, Scorsese and Cage succeed at satisfying the audience
It may deliver the over-the-top action pieces, but (name of movie) prefers to work safely within grindhouse formula than do something truly unique
It has a likable cast and loads of CGI spectacle, but for all but the least demanding viewers, (name of movie) will be less than spellbinding
(Name of movie) is no treasure, but it's a fun ride for those who can forgive its highly improbable plot
While (name of movie) is an intelligent examination of the gun trade, it is too scattershot in its plotting to connect
Breezy and well-acted, (name of movie) focuses more on the characters than on the con
Despite good performances by Cage and especially by Leoni, (name of movie) is too predictable and derivative to add anything new to the Christmas genre. Also, it sinks under its se
For visceral thrills, it can't be beat. Just don't expect (name of movie) to engage your brain
Critic ConsensusMovie
(Name of movie) is a sour mix of morose, glum histrionics amidst jokey puns and hammy dialogue
With murky cinematography, a meandering pace, a dull storyline, and rather wooden performances, The Pang Brothers' Hollywood remake of (name of movie) is unsuccessful
As a visually stunning tribute to lives lost in tragedy, (name of movie) succeeds unequivocally, and it is more politically muted than many of Stone's other works
(Name of movie) has some interesting ideas and a couple good scenes, but it's weighted down by its absurd plot and over-seriousness
Slow, cheap-looking, and dull, (name of movie) fails even as unintentional comedy
Dizzyingly original, the loopy, multi-layered (name of movie) is both funny and thought-provoking
Even though Oscar-bearers Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Duval came aboard for this project, the quality of (name of movie) is disappointingly low. The plot line is nonse
Puzzlingly misguided, Neil LaBute's update (name of movie) struggles against unintentional comedy and fails
The action sequences are expertly staged. (name of movie), however, sinks under too many clichés and only superficially touches upon the story of the code talkers
Numerous plot holes and poorly motivated characters prevent (name of movie) from being the thought-provoking sci-fi flick it could've been
Its sadistic violence is unappealing and is lacking in suspense and mystery

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