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Can you name the movies that have a body part in their title?

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ClueMovieGenre : Year
If there were thumbs in space and they got mad at eachother there would be:Spoof : 1999
Stephen King as seen from a feline.Horror : 1985
Jason Alexander is a gargoyle.Animated : 1996
Bond's third.Action : 1964
Scarlett Johansson and David Arquette fight some bugs.Comedy/Horror : 2002
Bond doesn't think anyone else should see this one...Action : 1981
'Fake Purse Ninjas' and 'Chubby Rain' were two movies within this movie.Comedy : 1999
Tracy and Hepburn as married lawyers against eachother.Comedy : 1949
Idiot rockers hijack a radio station.Comedy : 1994
But isn't Betty a woman's name?Spoof : 2002
ClueMovieGenre : Year
Penguins. You don't need more.Musical : 2006
Daniel Day-Lewis proves it does NOT take two.Drama : 1989
What we have here is a failure to communicate...Drama : 1967
Attack of the Killer Vagina!Horror : 2007
Good actor plays Bad Blake.Drama : 2009
Sean Archer/Castor Troy.Action : 1997
Oops... Rebecca Gayheart killed the prom queen.Comedy : 1999
According to Ted Mosby, this is the worst movie of all time.Horror : 1966
Boris is INVINCIBLE!Action : 1995
Say 'Hello' to Al PacinoDrama : 1983

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