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HintCharacterHuman or Everafter
One of the three little pigs and former sherriffEverafter
A gorgeous, black belt in self defense, unemployed,teacherEverafter
7(almost 8) year old girl from NYCHuman
Puck's 'Fiancée'Everafter
12 year old blonde girl from NYCHuman
Jake's GFEverafter
Vicious, murderous, 7 years old(becomes good in b.6)Everafter
Fairy BoyEverafter
Sherriff (since book three)Everafter
He was haunted by four ghosts on Christmas EveEverafter
HintCharacterHuman or Everafter
Magic MirrorEverafter
The baby named after the grandfatherHuman
Mayor (since book three)Everafter
Mayor (book one to three)Everafter
Principal of Ferryport Landing ElementaryEverafter
Family petDog
The old man who lives down the hallHuman and Everafter

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