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Billy Shears will sing
He’ll perform with his own band
Won’t sing out of key.
Michael History
“No heaven for a gangster”
The Streets and The Game
Four people in one
Caught between Mods and Rockers
Ends up in a storm
A boy traumatized
Leaves senses in a mirror
See him and feel him
The Writer has come
His bike tells him what to write
“I’m burning Star IV!”
Megaman music
Darkly told robot story
Protoman will die
Two lovers eating
Are transported through a war
The apocalypse!
Rock star turned Nazi
War, mother, schoolmaster, wife
They are all just bricks
Rael from New York
Needs to rescue his brother
Neon lights are bright…
Man enters black hole
Emotion versus logic
Two halves of the brain
Nikki is brainwashed
Kills people for Dr. X
Ends up arrested
Nicholas, Victoria
Time for regression!
Man finds a guitar
Priests take it away from him
“We’ve assumed control.”
Alien rock star
Caught up in drugs and women
Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

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