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Can you name the number which fits the following questions?

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How Many...Number
Pieces on a chess board are there?
Seconds in a minute are there?
Greek gods in Olympus are there?
Keys on a piano are there?
Are in a baker's dozen?
Cards in a deck (no jokers) are there?
Provinces and territories in Canada are there?
Human ribs (in a male/female) are there?
Lines in a sonnet are there?
US States are there?
How Many...Number
Countries are there in North America?
Letters in the Greek alphabet are there?
Monarchs of England have there been since 1066?
Countries are there in Oceania?
Number of Nena's balloons?
Weeks per year are there?
Squares on a Monopoly board are there?
Inches in a yard are there?
Inches in a foot are there?
Letters in the alphabet are there?

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