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Can you name the number which fits the following questions?

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How Many...Number
Keys on a piano are there?
Provinces and territories in Canada are there?
Squares on a Monopoly board are there?
Cards in a deck (no jokers) are there?
Letters in the Greek alphabet are there?
Monarchs of England have there been since 1066?
Number of Nena's balloons?
Inches in a foot are there?
Pieces on a chess board are there?
Countries are there in Oceania?
How Many...Number
Letters in the alphabet are there?
Weeks per year are there?
Greek gods in Olympus are there?
Seconds in a minute are there?
Are in a baker's dozen?
Inches in a yard are there?
US States are there?
Countries are there in North America?
Lines in a sonnet are there?
Human ribs (in a male/female) are there?

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