Movies beginning with Element Symbols

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Can you name the Movies beginning with the letters from element symbols with only the element given?

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BariumRobert Zemeckis (1985)
IndiumChristopher Nolan (2010)
ScandiumSteven Spielberg (1993)
CalciumMichael Curtiz (1942)
BromineMel Gibson (1995)
AluminiumRidley Scott (1979)
LanthanumDavid Lean (1962)
SiliconStanley Donen (1952)
ChromiumPaul Haggis (2004)
AmericiumSam Mendes (1999)
TitaniumJames Cameron (1997)
KryptonRobert Benton (1979)
RadiumBarry Levinson (1988)
ArgonMichael Anderson (1956)
TungstenWilliam Wellman (1927)
NobeliumAlfred Hitchcock (1959)
FranciumJames Whale (1931)
BoronRidley Scott (1982)
TantalumMartin Scorsese (1976)
VanadiumAlfred Hitchcock (1958)
HydrogenDennis Dugan (1996)
IodineFrancis Lawrence (2007)
CarbonLasse Hallström (2000)
SulfurJohn Madden (1998)

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