Missing Word: Don't Clichés

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Can you name the Missing words to these clichés?

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Don't make mountain out of a ________
Don't count your chickens before they _____
Don't bite off more than you can ____
Don't wear white after _____ ___
Don't hate the playa, hate the ____
Don't look a gift horse in the _____
Don't put the cart before the _____
Don't hold your _____
Don't put all your eggs in one ______
Don't spit into the ____
Don't bite the hand that _____ you
Don't gild the ____
Don't shoot the _________
Don't quit your ___ job
Don't rock the ____
Don't bring a knife to a ___ fight
Don't judge a book by its _____
Don't drink and _____
Don't ____ on my parade
Don't get your knickers in a _____

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