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Can you name the Harry Potter characters LAST NAMES from the letter of the alphabet and clue?

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AWife of Neville Longbottom
BHistory of Magic professor
CProfessor of Muggle Studies for one year
DKilled Remus Lupin
ETraitor to Dumbledore's Army
FSquib caretaker of Hogwarts
GSubstitute Care of Magical Creatures professor
HImproper Use of Magic Office employee
IRavenclaw Quidditch Beater
JHogwarts Quidditch commentator
KBulgarian Quidditch Seeker
LEditor of The Quibbler
MExecutioner for the Ministry of Magic
NCat belonging to the Hogwarts caretaker
OFamous Wandmaker
PTraitor to the Order of the Phoenix
QPossessed by Lord Voldemort
RCo-founder of Hogwarts
SMinister for Magic
UHogwarts High Inquisitor
VArithmancy professor at Hogwarts
WGryffindor Quidditch Keeper
ZSlytherin Quidditch Chaser

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