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Can you name the Country by its first and last rulers?

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Forced Order
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First RulerCountryCurrent/Last Ruler
Višeslav IPeter II
Mohammed Al ThaniKhalifa Al Thani
VictoriaElizabeth II
Offa of MerciaElizabeth II
Charles IJuan Carlos I
Eric the VictoriousCarl XVI Gustaf
OttoConstantine II
SudyumnaGeorge VI
Afonso IManuel II
Emperor JimmuAkihito
First RulerCountryCurrent/Last Ruler
ScylasViktor Fedorovych Yanukovych
Clovis INapoleon III
Victor Emmanuel IIUmberto II
Louis the GermanWilhelm II
Narmer (a.k.a Menes)Essam Sharaf
Manuel IPedro II
Harald I FairhairHarald V
RurikNicholas II

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