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quote fill in the blank
It's sheer perfection. No one can _________(2)
_______Claire.....I.....Love You(CV)
you lose _____(2)
bit of advice, try using knives next time _____________ (4)
Chris, this house is too dangerous__________ouch.(1)
Attention! This is Dr. Marcus. Please be silent as we reflect upon our company motto: Obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity breeds power,___________ (0)
you were almost _________________(1)
She's like a part of me _________(4)
_____ how dare you interfere with my operation? (CV)
He's coming for us, ________________(3)
your _______comes off?(4)
You are trespassing, and I'm very_______(0)
Where is everyone going? ________?(4)
quote fill in the blank
that's a large thing you have there, but ___________(4)
Here, take this Lock pick. I'm sure you __________will make use of it.(1)
I'm just a women that _______ with you, nothing more(2)
Still in ______(2)
Alfred! ___________________________(CV)
that's too good for a guess. _______(4)
Itchy. _____(1)
so you seem to know me, ___________ have you?(0)
the self destruct sequence has been activated, repeat, the self destruct sequence has been activated, __________(2)
Wesker, you're ______ this is your savior?(1)
I'm not letting anyone _______! Everyones gonna die(2)
No stay with Leon. ___________(4)

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