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SiteHax0r Help
 Search Engine with Ever Changing Logos
 Social Networking Site created by a guy named Mark
 Information research site that anyone can edit
 Video Site
 A website where you can take fun quizes and even create your own.
 A little birdie told me about this social networking site
 The Decision Engine
 where you play and watch various types of Flash, site created by Tom Fulp
SiteHax0r Help
 I honestly don't know what this is, but it sounds like Snipe
 One of the most famous Gaming Websites ever
 A website that sounds like an exclamation
 This fun game website is just like crack, you'll be addicted to it.
 root of all evil in the world. Birthplace of most memes currently in existence.
 Bidding Site
 Online Shopping within South America

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