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Davos helps Robert's bastard ____ Storm escape from Dragonstone in ASoS.
Who are the two men caged with Jaqen in ACoK?
Which is the only dragon that accompanies Dany into the House of the Undying?
The Lord of Horn Hill is the father of which Night's Watchman?
In Essos there are nine cities known as the ____ Cities.
Which Aegon was known as 'The Conqueror'?
Which character (the leader of the Brotherhood) is 'killed' seven times?
All Ned's children except ___ and ___ have red hair.
The two Reeds that travel through the North with Bran are named ____ and ____.
The unofficial motto of the Kingdom of the North is 'The North _____.'
Who gets slapped by Cersei three times in one of his first small council meetings?
Where did Robert kill Rhaegar?
What High Valyrian word does Dany uses to tell her dragons to spit flames?
Robb beheads lord of House ____, who belongs to a cadet branch of House Stark.
What large fighter accompanies 'Whitebeard' when the two first meet Dany?
What is the first city Dany ever conquers?
Who kills Qhorin Halfhand?
What was Rhaegar's instrument of choice?
What is the seat of House Bolton?
What is the animal of House Arryn?
The two wards that come to Winterfell in ACoK are Big and Little ____.
Which Baratheon is bald?
Whose nicknames include 'Horseface' and 'Underfoot'?
What Targaryen Prince was born on the same day that Summerhall was destroyed?
What is the sacred city of the Dothraki?
Who has been Hand to three different kings?
What is the name of the sword Jaime gives Brienne?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Riverrun and Harrenhal?
Who was crowned 'Queen of Love and Beauty' at the Harrenhal Tourney?
Who was Catelyn's father?
What song is Mance Rayder singing when Jon Snow meets him?
Freed people call out the word 'Mhysa' to Dany. What does it mean?
Who was Tyrion's first wife?
In ACoK, ___ tells Sansa that there are no true knights and also says there are no gods.
Who is King Robert's Master of Ships?
At the beginning of the series, who is Warden of the North?
What is the animal of House Baratheon?
Who is the one who actually stops the brutal attack on Sansa that Joffrey commands?
Which Grand Maester has served under Aerys II, Robert, Joffrey, and Tommen?
Which member of the Night's Watch calls himself a craven?
Oswell, Osmund, Osney, and Osfryd are all members of House ____.
In ASoS, what sellsword does Dany find herself attracted to?
Tyrion brings the ____ tribes to King's Landing as guards and helpers in ACoK.
Whose House Words are 'We Do Not Sow'?
In ASoS we learn that ____ was responsible for plotting Jon Arryn's death?
What Vale lord is responsible for appointing Petyr Baelish as Master of Coin?
In the War of the Five Kings which calls himself King of the Iron Islands and the North?
In Westeros a coin of great value is known as a golden ____.
Which Lannister is known for never smiling?
The maester of Dragonstone, who dies in ACoK's prologue, is named _____.
Near the end of ACoK, Bran and his company hide in the crypts under ____.
Arya's friend ____ also happens to be one of Robert Baratheon's children.
Pyramids are 'common' sights in what city?
What part of Davos was maimed and shortened?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Riverlands?
In the Battle of the Blackwater, Mandon Moore tries to kill _____ Lannister.
Whose sister died at the Tower of Joy?
Who kills Ser Rodrik Cassel in ACoK?
What island chain lies to the south of Westeros?
Illyrio Mopatis was working with which small council member?
Who is Dany's mother?
Who is the POV character in AGoT's prologue?
The unmapped land to the far north is known as the Lands of ____ ____.
What black object can kill the Others?
In Westeros a silver coin of value is known as a ____.
What is the name of the fool of the Baratheons (on Stannis's side)?
To whom was Catelyn originally betrothed?
Who is sometimes referred to as the Queen Across the Sea?
Whose House Words are 'Unbowed Unbent Unbroken'?
What is the name of the Tyrell fool?
What mean-spirited nickname does Jaime call Brienne repeatedly?
What is the northernmost of the Free Cities?
What is the animal of House Baelish?
What singer is a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners?
Who is Stannis' wife?
What is the seat of House Mormont?
Which group of expensive assassins are 'headquartered' in Braavos?
The adversary of the R'hllor is The Great ___.
What is the symbol of the Ghiscari Empire and their descendents?
Who is Stannis' daughter?
What Brave Companion tends to Jaime's hand in ASoS?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Gulltown, the Bloody Gate, and the Mountains of the Moon?
The lands just south of the Wall are known as the ___.
The tourney at the beginning of ACoK is held in honor of whose nameday?
In what city does Dany decide to stay and rule?
At Harrenhal, Arya becomes the cupbearer of ___.
Who was Myrcella's first Kingsguard protector in Dorne?
Who is Castle Black's cook?
Many cities east of the Dothraki Sea begin with the name ____.
After Lord Beric, who becomes the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners?
Who was Ned Stark's younger brother?
What woman is the last person to testify against Tyrion when he's tried for Joffrey's murder?
Who is the POV character in ASoS's epilogue?
Whose men kill Jory Cassel in AGoT?
The oldest known inhabitants of Westeros are known as the ___.
Where is Melisandre originally from?
Jorah was exiled from Westeros for selling ____.
Who is the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners?
What board game do characters often play (especially in the last two books)?
What was the seat of House Reyne before Tywin destroyed them?

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