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Who is the only woman Jon Snow has ever slept with?
Whose House Words are 'Family Duty Honor'?
Who kills Mandon Moore in the Battle of the Blackwater?
What is the name of Sansa's direwolf?
What is the seat of House Tully?
What is the name of Rickon's direwolf?
Who swings the sword that kills Ned Stark?
Which small council member is known for his 'little birds'?
What song is played to begin the chaos at the Red Wedding?
What is the animal of House Mormont?
Jorah, Jeor, Maege, Dacey, and Alysanne are all members of House _____.
What valuable captive is taken after the Battle of the Whispering Wood?
Who was Tyrion's second wife?
Which of Dany's forces are famed eunuch warriors?
In ASoS, which king comes to the aid of the Night's Watch?
In ASoS, who becomes the second man Dany ever kisses?
Meereen, Yunkai, and Astapor all sit on ____ Bay.
Who is killed on a privy near the end of ASoS?
What does Cersei do to the parchment Tyrion brings her when he first arrives at King's Landing in ACoK?
What sea lies to the west of Westeros?
What was the last of the Seven Kingdoms to join the realm?
Who is chosen as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch at the end of ASoS?
Who kills Robb Stark?
What character was a smuggler, a knight, a captain, and a King's Hand?
Once Tywin returns to King's Landing, what position does he give Tyrion?
What is the name of Tyrion's squire?
In what city do maesters train?
Which Lannister is the first to meet Oberyn Martell when he first arrives in King's Landing?
Along with Jaime, which member of the small council helps Tyrion escape at the end of ASoS?
Who is Lord Commander of the Kingsguard at the end of ASoS?
Who are the only two of Ned Stark's children to NOT be POV characters?
Robert, Stannis, Renly, Joffrey, and Tommen are all members of House ____.
Who does Robb Stark marry, despite being betrothed to a Frey?
What is the real name of the Bloody Mummers?
Whose House Words are 'Hear Me Roar'?
Who was Dany's eldest brother (whom she never meets)?
What is the name of the King-Beyond-the-Wall?
In AGoT, who supplies plans for a saddle that allows Bran to ride?
What was King Robert's weapon of choice?
What is the seat of House Baratheon?
Who is the commander of the Iron Fleet?
What is the animal of House Greyjoy?
Who kills the Tickler?
What was the name of Robb's direwolf?
Who becomes known as the King in the Narrow Sea?
Rhaella, Jaehaerys, Aegon, Aerys, Rhaenys were all from House ____.
When Bran and Rickon part ways in ACoK, who goes with Rickon?
What is the seat of House Martell?
Whose House Words are 'Ours is the Fury'?
What is the true identity of the man who presents himself to Dany as 'Whitebeard'?
Instead of saying 'I' or 'you,' ____ uses phrases like 'a girl' and 'a man.'
Who kills Lysa Tully at the end of ASoS?
At the beginning of the series, Jorah's father is commander of the ____ ____.
Whose sigil is a stag surrounded by a fiery heart?
Who is Cersei's first choice for Hand after Tywin's death?
As of the end of ASoS, who has widowed two Baratheons?
The High Septon is the leader of which religion?
'The Rains of Castamere' was written to show the power of which Lannister?
What is the seat of House Greyjoy?
Who is the original leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners?
Who is Joffrey's heir?
Who was the winner of the jousting tournament in the Hand's Tourney in AGoT?
What sea lies to the north of Essos?
Who is Dany's young ex-slave scribe from Naath?
Renly Baratheon's 'Kingsguard' is called the '____ Guard.'
Shade of the Evening--a drink drunk by primarily by warlocks--turns lips what color?
Who is the undead aid to both Bran and Sam?
What does Jaime lose in ASoS?
What knight-turned-fool helps Sansa escape King's Landing?
The 'arakh' is the weapon of choice for the _____.
What language do giants speak?
What is the name of Arya's direwolf?
At the end of ASoS, Stannis offers to make ___ the Lord of Winterfell.
Who is Tyrion's 'champion' when he is tried for Joffrey's murder?
Which Stark has the most power over his 'warg' abilities?
The character who presents himself as Reek to Theon in ACoK is really ___.
What is the name of the Lord of Light?
Who is King Robert's youngest brother?
In ASoS, who fights for Joffrey in Tyrion's trial by battle?
In ASoS, who fights the Hound with a burning sword?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Casterly Rock, Lannisport, and the Golden Tooth?
Who was the groom at the Red Wedding?
Which lord hosted the Red Wedding?
Which sellsword company does Daario Naharis command?
Which direwolf does Ned Stark kill?
Who is Castle Black's maester?
What do the wildlings call themselves?
Who goes to King's Landing in Doran's place in ASoS?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Sunspear, Yronwood, and Godsgrace?
What 'Sea' in Essos isn't really a sea at all?
Who was the youngest man ever named to the Kingsguard?
Before one them marries Robb, to which House are the Westerlings sworn?
What gargantuan castle stands on the shores of the Gods Eye?
For most of the series, many in Westeros believe that ____ of Tarth killed Renly.
The Great Sept in King's Landing is named after ____.
What is the seat of House Tyrell?
The event that destroyed the Valaryian Freehold is known as the ___.
Who are the Gold Cloaks pursuing when they come across Arya's company?
To the Night's Watch, one blast from a horn signifies ____ ____.
Loras, Margaery, Mace, Garlan, and Garth are all members of House _____.

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