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Who is credited with building the Wall?
Who is Tyrion's lover through the first three books?
Jaime, Tyrion, Tywin, Cersei, and Joanna are all members of House ____.
What sea separates Westeros and Essos?
What was to be the name of Dany and Drogo's child?
In what region must Dany wander before she finds Qarth?
Melisandre supports whose claim for the Iron Throne?
Who kills Viserys (III) Targaryen?
What is the name of Bran's direwolf?
Who was Lord Commander of the Kingsguard under Robert?
Who/what kills the assassin that has been sent to kill Bran in his sleep in AGoT?
To the Night's Watch, three blasts from a horn signifies ___.
Who is responsible for Sandor Clegane's facial burns?
What does Cersei do to the 'will' that Ned Stark gives her after Robert's death?
Who is Stannis' oldest brother?
The three colors of Dany's dragons are black, white, and ___.
Which king's side won the Battle of the Blackwater in ACoK?
Which Greyjoy takes Winterfell during Balon's second rebellion?
Which Greyjoy takes Deepwood Motte during Balon's second rebellion?
Who is the only woman Jaime has ever slept with?
Whose nicknames include 'The Unburnt,' 'Khaleesi,' and 'Stormborn'?
Who carries the bones of his fingers until he loses them in the Battle of the Blackwater?
What is the seat of House Lannister?
What other POV character accompanies Jon Snow to the Wall in AGoT?
When King Robert first arrives at Winterfell he wants to see the ____ beneath Winterfell.
Which god do the ironborn worship?
The City Watch is also known as the ____ Cloaks.
Targaryens' eyes are almost always what color?
What Westerosi exile aids Dany in her quests?
Who argues to keep Ser Dontos alive after Joffrey wants to kill him?
Which small council member owns several brothels?
In AGoT who was 'first ranger' until he disappeared beyond the Wall?
The white trees in a 'godswood' are called ___.
Whoever rules the Seven Kingdoms sits upon the ___ Throne.
Who lost his tongue for saying Tywin Lannister was more powerful than Aerys?
How many children do Jaime and Cersei have?
What gift does Illyrio give Dany for her wedding to Khal Drogo?
What is the hottest of the Seven Kingdoms?
Who is Winterfell's maester?
What animal kills King Robert?
In Westeros, a queen and king are addressed as ____ ____.
Which POV character was born on Dragonstone?
Whom does Dany marry in AGoT?
At the beginning of the series who is Master of Coin?
What is the animal of House Stark?
Who pushes Bran out of a window?
What is the name of the continent where you'd find the Seven Kingdoms?
Who was responsible for plotting King Robert's death?
Tyrion ultimately arranges for ____ to be Sansa's handmaid.
Who was Eddard Stark's heir?
Who 'gives birth' to multiple shadows in ACoK?
What is the name of the sword Jon Snow gives Arya?
In ACoK, Tyrion arranges for ____ to marry Trystane Martell.
Who led the rebellion known to Targaryen supporters as The War of the Usurper?
At the start of ACoK, who becomes the Commander of the City Watch under Joffrey?
What is the seat of House Arryn?
Who was Hand of the King before Ned Stark?
Instead of the 'gold price,' the ironborn prefer the ___ price.
Who killed the Mad King?
What is the seat of House Stark?
In the War of the Five Kings, who is referred to as The King on the Iron Throne?
Which small council member is a eunuch?
What is the seat of House Targaryen?
In which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Storm's End, Summerhall, and Mistwood?
Who is the only brother Dany has ever known?
Which king wins the Battle of the Whispering Wood?
Whose House Words are 'Fire and Blood'?
Whose uncle is nicknamed the Blackfish?
Who becomes known as the King in Highgarden?
In which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Karhold, Torrhen's Square, and Winterfell?
What color is the comet that appears at the beginning of ACoK?
What is the surname for bastard children from the North?
What is the animal of House Lannister?
What is referred to as 'The greatest city that ever was or ever will be'?
Who is Dany's father?
Who is placed in a 'sky cell' in AGoT?
What 'secret weapon' is utilized by Tyrion to help win the Battle of the Blackwater?
Dothraki only cut their hair when they ___ a battle.
In AGoT Cat receives a secret message from Lysa claiming House ___ killed Jon Arryn.
What man is responsible for burning a large portion of Winterfell?
What 'horse lords' ride in khalasars and are known as fierce warriors in Essos?
To the Night's Watch, two blasts from a horn signifies ___.
What color is associated with the Lord of Light?
Who is known as the Red Priestess?
Catelyn, Lysa, Hoster, Edmure, and Brynden are all members of House ____.
What was the name of the Stark family sword?
What is the name of Jon Snow's direwolf?
To whom was Lyanna Stark betrothed before 'stolen' by Rhaegar?
Who was Tyrion's 'champion' in Tyrion's trial by battle in the Eyrie?
Whose House Words are 'Winter is Coming'?
The War of the Five Kings occurs after the death of which king?
In ACoK, who says he owes Arya three deaths?
Whose POV chapter are we in when Ned dies?
The Red Keep is in which city?
What is the animal of House Targaryen?
Cersei and Joffrey dismiss Barristan Selmy from the Kingsguard to make room for ____.
As of AGoT, who is known as the King in the North?
____ is killed by the 'golden crown' he desperately wants.
Which House is known to always pay its debts?
Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon are all members of House ____.

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