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Duncan the Small had a relationship with ____ of Oldstones.
Whose House Words are 'None So Fierce'?
The ship that rescues Davos after the Battle of the Blackwater is allied with __.
What Free City is known for its pleasure houses?
What is going to be the name of the seventh book of the series?
Whom do the Antler Men support in the War of the Five Kings?
Who kills Arys Oakheart in AFfC?
What is the seat of House Redwyne?
In ACoK, Dany tells Xaro that she will sell her dragons for one-third of the worlds ___.
Who is Warden of the South through all five books?
What animal is Gendry referred to as before Arya learns his name?
What legendary heroine brought her people from Essos to Dorne?
In which of the Seven Kingdom would you find the Grey Hills, Lonely Hills, and the Rills?
In ASoS, who kills Donal Noye?
Arya throws many objects into the river but she refuses to throw ____.
What city, full of canals, in Essos was founded by ex-slaves?
Which Targaryen ruled Westeros the longest?
Who dies at the end of the ACoK prologue?
Which Aegon was known as 'The Unlikely'?
Who trained Robb, Theon, and Jon at arms at Winterfell?
Who kills a man with a coin in ADwD?
Which Aegon was known as 'The Unworthy'?
After seeing how she was abused at Harrenhal, Jaime takes ___ as a washer woman.
How many POV characters show us the Battle of the Blackwater?
When recovering from the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion dreams that he has no ___.
Who 'saved' Gendry by sending him into the Night's Watch?
Which character has a noose around his neck almost every day in AFfC?
In ASoS, what singer threatens to reveal Tyrion's affair with Shae to Cersei?
Whose POV chapters are called 'The Captain of the Guards' and 'The Watcher'?
Ser Lothor Brune is in the service of which House?
Who is the bride of the Red Wedding?
Whose House Words are 'Come Try Me'?
Where does Arya catch her ship across the Narrow Sea?
Who is Cersei's second choice for Hand after Tywin's death?
Who is the heir to Highgarden?
Before being exiled for siding with Stannis, what was the seat of House Florent?
Who is the first member of the Brotherhood that Arya sees/hears?
In ACoK, Jorah tells Dany that in Qarth for ___ to ask each other for one gift that then must be granted.
How many kings are POV characters in the series?
Which Stark refuses to cut his/her hair until Catelyn returns?
What is the seat of House Manderly?
Whose House Words are 'Our Roots Go Deep'?
Near the end of a ADwD who must make a 'walk of shame'?
Who gives Jon Snow one of his sons as a 'ward' when the wildlings cross?
In ADwD which character goes by the names No-Nose, Yollo, and Hugor Hill?
How do you say, 'All men must die' in High Valyrian?
Who is the first character to use the phrase 'game of thrones' in dialogue?
Before the Battle of the Blackwater how many sons does Davos Seaworth have?
The death of ___'s father and brother occurred just before Robert's Rebellion.
What southern lord of the Dornish Marches is a follower of R'hllor?
___ was the one who originally had the idea for Jaime to join the Kingsguard.
What does Gendry name the red comet at the beginning of ACoK?
Tom o' Sevens is from where?
Obara, Nymeria, and Daemon all have the surname _____.
What 'sea' lies in the south of Westeros between Storm's End and Yronwood?
Whose only chapters are called 'The Queenmaker' and 'The Princess in the Tower'?
How many brothers did Tywin Lannister have?
Pyat Pree repeats several times that in the House of the Undying Dany must always take the door on the ____.
Who is the POV character in ADwD's prologue?
What is the courtier at King's Landing from the Summer Isles?
Who was the father of Robert, Stannis, and Renly?
Who is the captain of Iron Victory?
Who is the only woman to speak at the kingsmoot?
What was the name of Jorah's wife?
Who kills Orell?
Who is killed by the Other that Sam ultimately kills?
Whose POV chapters are called 'The Kraken's Daughter,' 'The King's Prize,' and 'The Sacrifice'?
Whose House Words are 'We Light the Way'?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Crownlands?
What king had the nickname 'Egg' as a child?
Who is the singer Cersei accuses of sleeping with Margaery?
Who is the first of the dragons to try new things?
Who is the heir to Dorne?
What is the seat of House Dayne?
In ACoK Xaro tells Dany that she should ___ in front of the Pureborn.
Which book has the most chapters?
At the beginning of the series, before his death, who was Warden of the East?
The Rhoynar derived their name from a large ____ in Essos.
Whose only chapter is called 'The Soiled Knight'?
Whose House Words are 'We Guard the Way'?
What was the name of Tywin Lannister's father?
Who is the POV character in ADwD's epilogue?
Who is standing vigil over Tywin's corpse in the sept?
What group does Tyrion join at the end of ADwD?
Whose House Words are 'Here We Stand'?
Who kills Jinglebell?
What new 'brother' does Jon Snow behead in ADwD?
Who won the archery competition at the Hand's Tourney in AGoT?
Jaime tells Loras about 'The Kingmaker.' What was his real name?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Westerlands?
Aegon VI and Jon Connington dye their hair what color?
Who was the captain of Black Wind?
When fleeing Riverrun, Jaime and Brienne are hunted down by ____ Ryger in ASoS.
Who is Dany's nephew (whom she doesn't know exists)?
Which sellsword company does the Tattered Prince command?
Which god is worshipped in the House of Black & White?
What is the easternmost of the Free Cities?
Who was Aegon the Conqueror's younger sister?
In ASoS, who does Davos decide that he wants to kill?
In ACoK, Varys confides to Tyrion that ___ is the most hated of all the royalty.

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