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Whose House Words are 'Our Blades Are Sharp'?
Along with several children, who kills Kevan Lannister?
What man from Greywater Watch was present in the infamous events at the Tower of Joy?
The islands that now sit along the Broken Arm of Dorne are called the ___stones.
Which Greyjoy is known as 'The Prophet' and 'Damphair'?
In his youth, whom did Barristan Selmy love?
Which Frey accompanies Jaime and Brienne in ASoS until his death?
What great creature/construction stands 'guard' over Braavos?
As children, Ned and Robert were wards of whom?
Who is there to stop Arianne's plot in AFfC?
What is the seat of House Dondarrion?
Which Lannister is responsible for 'arming' the Faith of the Seven in AFfC?
In what battle does Tyrion fight in AGoT 'alongside' his father?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find the Gods Eye, Acorn Hall, and Oldstones?
Besides wildfire, one of Tyrion's plans for the Battle of the Blackwater is for smiths to construct a huge ____.
Who knighted Jaime Lannister?
In ADwD, Wick Wittlestick was the first person to stab _____.
How many courses are served at the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery?
In AFfC who plots to crown Myrcella as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms?
Which Stark is learning how to be an assassin in Braavos?
The real name of the Footmen is ____ _____.
In ADwD, to everyone's surprise, Drogon reappears in ____ ____ in Meereen.
Before his death, Aemon says ___ is the 'prince who was promised.'
At the beginning of the series, who is Warden of the West?
In a minor battle in ACoK, what does Hot Pie scream after Arya screams 'Winterfell'?
As of the beginning of AFfC, which character is Brienne searching for?
What was Aegon the Conqueror's dragon?
Which gods did the Andals bring to Westeros?
Which of the 'New Gods' is neither male nor female?
Whose horse is named Smiler?
Who is the first person that Arya has Jaqen kill in ACoK?
An animal head is sown onto _____'s body after the Red Wedding.
Tristifer Botley proposes to marry ____ in that her first POV chapter.
Under Tommen, who served as both Hand of the King and Master of Coin?
In ASoS, Margaery and Olenna offer to wed Sansa to whom?
In AFfC Margaery gives Tommen three ___.
Which powerful wildling that Jon meets has no ears?
Homeless' Harry Strickland is the commander of what sellsword company?
In ACoK who chooses a bloody spear when inventing his own House sigil?
What is the seat of House Reed?
Which dragon is responsible for Quentyn Martell's death?
Which House has a turtle on its sigil?
The Gates of the Moon guard the road to ___.
The small men from the swamps of the Neck are known as ____.
Whose House Words are 'Growing Strong'?
What is the nickname of Gerold Dayne?
Which POV character (only in ADwD) served as Hand to the Mad King?
In ACoK, whom does Cersei have captive as a threat to Tyrion?
Ramsay Bolton's dogs are known as The ___.
Who does Jon want to become the Night's Watch's new maester?
What is the true identity of the 'Arya Stark' presented to the Boltons?
Who captained a ship called Golden Storm?
Which Greyjoy takes Moat Cailin during Balon's second rebellion?
Edric, Arthur, Ashara, and Allyria have all been members of House ____.
To what 'House' does Arya go when she reaches Braavos?
Who becomes Dany's second husband in ADwD?
Who was the most important person imprisoned in the Defiance of Duskendale?
Which acolyte from the AFfC prologue is a great archer?
Who comes to Jaime at the end of his one and only chapter in ADwD?
In ADwD, who comes across Jorah in a brothel in Volantis?
What is the seat of House Connington?
As of the end of ADwD who is Hand of the King?
In ADwD we learn that Varys substituted a peasant baby for ____ during the Sack of King's Landing.
What infamous battle did Jon Connington lose?
Who came to dominate Westeros after the children of the forest?
Which book has the most pages?
Whose House Words are 'As High As Honor'?
What is the name of Val's lover who falls from the Wall in ASoS?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Stormlands?
How do you say, 'All men must serve' in High Valyrian?
Who is the mother to the four youngest Sand Snakes?
Nestor, Albar, and Bronze Yohn are all members of House ____.
What affliction is slowing killing Jon Connington?
In AFfC whose horses are named Honor and Glory?
What two things does Jorah that dragons need in order to grow to immense sizes?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Saltshore, Sandstone, and Starfall?
The wives of dead Khals are known as the ____ _____.
Who is the POV character in ASoS's prologue?
As of the end of AFfC who is the lord of Riverrun?
In ADwD, whom does Jon send to meet up with Tormund Giantsbane?
What is going to be the name of the sixth book of the series?
Who commands Dany's Unsullied?
Whose horse is named Stranger?
Who is Emmon Frey's wife?
Who is the captain of Silence?
Which of Ned's guards does Arya run into at the Inn of the Kneeling Man?
What 'Rebellion' plagued House Targaryen for over a hundred years?
Who is the only human Bran has warged into?
What is the name of Davos Seaworth's ship?
In ASoS, who kills the giant Mag the Mighty?
What sellsword tries to buy Tyrion and Penny when they are up for auction in ADwD?
Who was Tywin Lannister's wife?
The Clegane sigil has three ___ on it.
Sam finds out that the baby Gilly is breastfeeding is really ___'s child.
Whose POV chapters are called 'The Discarded Knight,' 'The Kingbreaker,' 'The Queen's Hand'?
Which sellsword company does Brown Ben Plumm command?
Who commands Jaime's escort from Harrenhal to King's Landing?
After Balon dies, Aeron Greyjoy suggests that the ironborn hold a _____ to determine their king.
Who is ultimately behind the AGoT attempt to kill Bran in his sleep?
Who knights Gendry?

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